Master Mechanic, Owner

Over 30 years ago, Clifford started his own Shop.
He believed that hard work, accountability, and a
commitment to God and family can drive a successful business.

Listen to Clifford’s Story below:

Experience: 40 years

Hobbies: Aviation, Gardening


Chief Financial Officer, Owner

As Owner and Chief Financial Officer, Sharon directs financial strategy
to ensure customers get great value while instilling into the company
a culture of honesty, accountability, and thrift.


Service Manager

Roy started almost from the beginning with Clifford. Although he was only 14 at the time,
Clifford took Roy under his wing, and taught him everything he needed to know to run the
shop. Nowadays, Roy’s clear understanding of a customer’s needs and fair pricing looks
effortless, but these are skills he has honed over the years. He loves his job, but he
also loves his family, so he has started training Anthony, so Roy can spend more time at home.

Listen to Roy’s Story below:

Experience: 39 years

Hobbies:: BBQ, Sports


Asst. Service Manager

Anthony is Roy’s understudy, learning all the skills from the master.
Like Roy, Anthony first started working at Clifford’s when he was 14.
He may have started just sweeping the floors, but through hard work
and persistence has risen to the rank of Service Adviser.

Listen to Anthony’s Story below:

Experience: 36 years

Hobbies: Bird watching, Real Estate


Master Mechanic

Ricky is our Master Tech. He gets our most difficult repairs,
and while I won’t say “make them look easy”, at least you’ll
be happy it’s in his capable hands.

Listen to Ricky’s story below:

Experience: 38 years

Hobbies: Bingo, Family Time


Master Technician

Mark is our resident Mercedes / BMW guru. When it comes to
foreign vehicles, Mark is the guy. When not working, he
likes to ride his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Experience: 37 years

Hobbies: Engineering, Traveling



One of our newest techs, Brian is no stranger to cars.
The only thing he loves more than a finely tuned automobile is his wife.

Experience: 36 years

Hobbies: Billiards, Poker